making high school Learning easy to access, fun and rewarding

In the current education system, learning time is limited to teaching time, which is problematic especially for below-average learners or learners from schools with absent teachers. 

In independently commissioned research, the Reach Trust learned that on any given day approximately 10-12% of teachers are not at public schools in South Africa. This equates to roughly 39,000 teachers. So, even the most engaged and enthusiastic learner would battle with knowledge acquisition, as they simply wouldn’t have a teacher present.

Level Up aims to encourage learners to increase their learning time outside of the classroohrough regular engagement with educational content in the form of bite-sized daily interactions. The system measures the performance of learners in these interactions and they are awarded points. These points can then be used to unlock a variety of real world rewards.


It is free: Unlike most e- and mLearning products and services in the market, LevelUp provides learners with free access to CAPS-aligned learning material, psycho-social support and inspirational career advice.

It is easily accessible: LevelUp is available on virtually any mobile phone.

It is fun to use: Educational learning material is presented in a mobile friendly format with contextual references to make it meaningful and relevant to learners.

It is built for the future: LevelUp has been built for the future, with the main focus being on the Android operating system.

Since the launch  in February 2016 more than 150 000 unique users have engaged with LevelUp, and more than 1 000 000 learning exercises have been completed. Key performance metrics, such as a significant increase in the ratio of weekly engaged confirm the potential of LevelUp to reach and retain users through mLearning.