How You Can Support Us

Do you share our passion for helping South Africa’s children to reach their potential – emotionally, physically and cognitively?

Do you agree that there is a desperate need to keep finding ways of decreasing social inequalities and poverty caused by adverse environments?

Do you believe that by looking after our nation’s children, we move towards guaranteeing future peace, security and prosperity for our community at large?

If you answered yes to the above questions, there are many ways to support our work and to allow us to continue developing innovative mobile solutions: programmes, activities and experiences aimed at promoting overall health and education of young children, with the active participation of their caregivers and parents.



make a financial donation

Choose whether you make a monthly contribution or a once-off donation

R20/month will pay for xxx

R50/month will pay for xxx

R100/month will pay for xxx

[Another amount]


Make a once-off donation

R100 will pay for xxx

R500 will pay for xxx

R1000 will pay for xxx

[Another amount]


Fundraise on our behalf

Become a Reach activist and get passionate about helping us to help get South Africa out of the education crisis we are in! 

Whether you shave off all your hair or do a sponsored race, whether you abseil off Table Mountain or host a dinner party to raise funds for our projects, we make it easy for you via Givengain.