BRINGING more words into homes 

Almost 80% of Grade 4 children in the Western Cape of South Africa cannot read for meaning. To fast-track education outcomes we need to provide easy access to essential content and better connect role players. CareUp's interactive early learning activities make it easy for parents and ECD practitioners to stimulate curiosity and excitement for learning. Every parent and practitioner’s journey is tailor-made through messaging and push notifications that prompt effective ongoing early learning development.

understanding the barriers to youth unemployment

Youth unemployment has left over half of young people in South Africa without work. Access to skills training is out of reach for most, and leading research has found that work-seeking in itself can cause poverty. This video highlights some of our own research around the main issues that lock young people out of the labour market. 

Enhancing young work seekers’ employability

Existing programmes to address the youth unemployment problem in South Africa are expensive and difficult to scale, underscoring the need for a radically different approach. MoveUp is a mobile app and mobi site that helps young people to learn entry-level jobs skills and build successful behaviours through small focused steps.


Learners who are schooled in difficult circumstances are often demotivated and have a negative attitude towards education. Utilising a system of fun, daily engagements, regular positive feedback and incentives to reward good learning behaviour, LevelUp aims to put the joy back into learning. By encouraging bite-sized, daily interactions, we aim to build a long-term habit that lasts well beyond the traditional “school years”.


Over the past 5 years The Reach Trust has helped more than 10 million people to transform their lives through free access to social services on their mobile phones.