We believe that anyone can make a difference and change our world for good. Building a community of supporters enables us to connect people who care about an issue with relevant programmes that they believe in and are passionate about.

Please buy a R250 ticket to enter our early childhood literacy fundraiser to win a year’s supply of fine wine and great books, and please ask your friends, family, colleagues, book club, and more, to do the same.

You can also support us financially on Givengain by donating to our ongoing drive to take education to the parents of disadvantaged children in our country. We are the only early childhood literacy non-profit using the ‘Gogo effect’ to get around the fact that a lot of caregivers in South Africa may themselves be unable to read - so we have adapted our literacy content into audio files so that they can use their smart phones to listen to instructions on how to stimulate the children in their care.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our onboardings: events where we invite parents and caregivers to come and learn about why early childhood stimulation is so critically important for any young child’s development and why they are their children’s first teachers. We then show them how to download and use our mobile apps and we track their usage and consumption of the app to see what content they are enjoying, and to maintain contact with them, collecting valuable reporting data and feedback over time so we can tweak and refine our solutions accordingly, as well as reporting back to funders.


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