We build a community of partners around our programmes and services to amplify their impact, and fast-track social change.

Connecting with others to share resources and responsibilities is an idea embedded deep in African culture.  With the continued support of partners, we are working on a hybrid model to expand the reach of our programmes and services onto new platforms, media and networks.

This involves new and improved ways to engage users in targeted groups, programmes that support learning and development in a number of genres, and interactive content that is tailored to the life stage and needs of a specific user.

We carefully consider where and how we can make a meaningful difference through a 3-phase process in consultation with experts and partners.

1. partner & build

As a Public Benefit Organisation, we are fortunate to work in partnership with thought leaders, governments, organisations, communities, and individuals around the world to develop products and solutions with meaningful impact.


Drawing from empirical research, our winning team produce compelling technology solutions, aspirational content and value-adding services. With partners, we identify key metrics to measure the efficacy of our work at the outset of product development.


We collaborate with organisations and media partners to amplify our solutions, and to help us measure their relevance and impact at a very granular level. We also commission regular specialist research that includes direct engagement with randomised samples of users.  

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