The Reach Trust was established in 2012 to inspire and improve lives through the development of innovative and cost-effective mobile solutions.

In South Africa, as in many other countries, access to the web and ownership of a smart device is beyond the reach of those who need it the most.

ICT technologies, and specifically mobile connectivity, have long been recognised for promoting and facilitating social inclusion, in terms of the participation of individuals and groups in society’s political, economic and societal processes. This is because mobile phones offer the most direct, personal and measurable way to connect with people through content and services that are relevant and impactful.

Our mobile-first solutions are designed to cost-effectively enable the transition from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy, whilst focusing on three priority areas to improve lives through education.  

What we've achieved

  • 825 000 people have received discreet text-based counselling

  • 1,5 million expecting mothers subscribed to the BabyInfo app for customised daily pregnancy-advice messages

  • More than 600 000 parents have used the Groovy Adventurers app to stimulate the mental and physical development of 1-3 year olds, in the critical first 1 000 days of a life

  • More than 140 000 learners in South Africa have signed up for the Ukufunda Virtual School 

  • More that 500 000 young people make use of educational apps, development programmes and learning aids every month

  • Learners from more than 10 000 schools in South Africa took part in the Learn2Earn pilot in 2015